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In Person Early Voting is available this year in New York state

Early Voting in Hudson takes place at 401 State Street.


Sat Oct 26: 9am-2pm

Sun Oct 27: Noon-5pm

Mon Oct 28: 9am-5pm

Tues Oct 29: Noon-8pm

Wed Oct 30: Noon-8pm

Thurs Oct 31: 9am-5pm

Fri Nov 1: 9am-5pm

Sat Nov 2: 9am-2pm

Sun Nov 3: 9am-2pm

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Join our team of volunteers!


About Me

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Rob Bujan

First Ward Alderman and Managing Director, SDL+GHS

As a child, Columbia County always felt special to me.

My family’s 100 acre farm in Germantown, Wintje’s Pick-Your-Own, was where I spent many summers. I fell in love with our 1800s era farmhouse and spent many rainy days at the library my family created for Germantown Central School.

Today, I am a partner at a NYC-based Insurance Agency, SDL Brokerage + Group Health Solutions. In 2010, my husband Jeff and I, inspired by Hudson’s modern Renaissance and recalling nostalgia of my childhood, relocated to Columbia County. I successfully opened a satellite office for the firm, where our staff has quadrupled in a few short years. Jeff and I quickly set out to become active participants in the betterment of our community.

Growing up, service to my country was a deeply instilled value. Both my mother and father are veterans. Following their example, I proudly served our nation in the Army– stationed in Aberdeen Proving Ground. My desire to enter into service, either military, civil or political, is rooted in my core belief that together we can drive actionable change for our country, community, and city.

SInce moving to Hudson, I’ve been an Active Volunteer.

Dedicating my passion and leadership to LGBTQ Pride programs and the 2015 Mayoral Campaign. I’ve worked alongside and learned from the experts at the Department of Public Works, Police and Fire Departments, the outstanding people responsible for Hudson’s safety and well being.

I served on the Hudson Planning Board, mediating key issues that Hudson faces: Waterfront Development and balancing the economic boom of tourism, all while respecting the needs of our residents. When I saw my community concerned about the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act, I took it upon myself to host town halls, lending my professional expertise during uncertain times. As Co-Alderman of Hudson’s First Ward, my ability to communicate and listen has been a bridge between our community and government.

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Rob and his husband, Jeffrey Perry and their dog, Shelby.

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Hudson is a diverse city, and I’m committed to ensuring every voice is represented.

We must all come to the table ready to work hard, compromise, and foster the kind of sustainable growth that will ensure the future of Hudson. I see our community divided and in need of a leader who has a proven ability to create and foster successful teams. As someone who approaches differing opinions and ideas with respect, I am confident I am the leader the Common Council needs.

We need to focus on the next decade, not just today. Our city is in a position of incredible advantage. One where we can embrace economic opportunity, while also advocating for the betterment of our amazing community. Let’s build a table that is big enough for all of our diverse ideas. Let’s embrace what works, and offer all ideas to change what needs to be fixed.

As your Common Council President, I will foster an open and transparent conversation, encourage respectful debate, and ensure fiscal responsibility across all city initiatives. Let’s come together and work for our future.

My Priorities

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The responsibility of the Common Council and its President is to improve the lives of our citizens. I pledge to facilitate updates to Hudson’s laws to be supportive of the needs of our citizens and local businesses, and foster sustainable growth that will ensure a strong future for Hudson.

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Collaborating with our city officials, I pledge to encourage strategic planning to support affordable housing, better streets and sidewalks, job creation, economic development and for a vibrant future for our city.

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Our city is in a position of incredible advantage. I support a local government where we can embrace economic opportunity, while also advocating for the betterment of our amazing community.

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My mission is to make information more accessible to every citizen in Hudson. City Officials should be accessible to people they represent. When citizens are empowered with information, we will build a community that is reflective and supportive of every voice in Hudson.

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Find me on Instagram @BujanForHudson



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